April 17, 2012

Warpaint Beauty is Warpaint II [picture laden]

Good afternoon, everyone. Somewhere last week all my time went into the centennial Cherry Blossom in D.C., which is strange because it was only involving Saturday. It was very beautiful, and the weather was so pleasant [in comparison to last year, where it was, what 40 degrees? Aaah], I met up with friends and old teachers, and got to see JASA's Soran Bushi, a great Japanese fisherman dance. Sunday was the recording session for GSO [the Smithsonian isn't able to provide us with quality recording on the day of our concert], courtesy of a fan of the orchestra. As for Friday and yesterday, well... work. Or something, haha. But~ now I think it's time for some more Warpaint.

So when I went on my Tall Shoes Outing with M-san, we made a short hop sudden stop to Hot Topic. I was looking to see if any Versailles albums had come in, but really, HT's music schedule for foreign titles is sort of random. Warpaint cosmetics were still on sale, so I thought, okay, while I'm here, I'll grab that darker blue lipstick I saw. Again with my misconceptions of cosmetics.
Looks vaguely familiar...
No real loss, purple IS positively the best color ever, so I'm okay with that. To match, I decided to get another color of the powder eyeliner and nail polish. Psychedelic neon blue? No~ it actually goes on sparkly, and glows in the dark. I couldn't quite get a picture of that, but it does glow pretty well [especially if being on top of a solid color layer gets in the way of the phosphorescence]. I'll try again if I can think of a good way.
It's even in my eyelashes, haha.
I don't know if the first batch I got is just defective, or if this batch is defective; the purple goes on less opaque than the blue--even though it's darker--and the gold comes out like crazy. I barely need a full pass to get it entirely over my eye. But I am immensely fond of it [gold on darker tones go well], so I'll deal with the overflow and swipe it up.
The purple appears slightly darker here than in person, unless it was just the lights.
I tried to emulate the poses from the first Warpaint session, to mixed degrees of success. I don't know why part of my face is shiny, too, or looks like I've been crying. I swear I wasn't. Also, please excuse my crow's nest of hair. I've since tamed it much better, ugh.

For your skin tone, does gold or silver suit you better? Do you like eyeshadow to go up until the eyebrows? What colors work best for your lips~?

Things are getting so busy again, bah~ but it's fine, I suppose. I'll do my best to play keep-up.
Eternally yours,
Il Ruinante Isaak


fallen said...

Greetings. I recently stumbled across your blog and wanted to tell you that I love it. I enjoy your exquisite writing and think you have a wonderful sense of style. It especially makes me happy to see that you often make your own items instead of relying on brands and pre-made items.

Anyway, I do hope that someday you post again, but either way, it has been lovely to have the opportunity to read your past posts.

Thank you!

Il Ruinante Sir Isaak said...

Thank you kindly, Fallen-san~! For such kind words, I do feel even worse for wear having been on an such a long unannounced hiatus; I hope to reverse that soon, though.

Thank you, thank you~
Marquis Isaak

fallen said...

Aww, do not feel bad. Instead, feel glad that you have been able to share a wonderful part of yourself with others.

I love coming back to read your older entries, so all is well.

I hope this comment finds you well.

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